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The Zero Waste Institute - Click to start DISCARDS and DUMPS = > GARBAGE. Second generation (short term)… POST-DISCARD REUSE => RECYCLING. Third generation (long term)… EXPLICIT DESIGN FOR REUSE = > ZERO WASTE. What you have here on this website is a description of how all commerce and industry will be designed in, let’s say, a hundred years. There is no alternative. We cannot continue to design in the most wasteful way we can find, just to sell more widgets when the first, shoddy ones are thrown away. If you give some assistance and join in the project, perhaps this will become the dominant paradigm much sooner – maybe in ten or twenty years If the Occupy movement bubbles up to successl in eliminating purposeful wasting, it may be sooner rather than later. What we are doing today is not sustainable. There’s that tricky word again. At one time, sustainable seemed to have a simple meaning. Can we keep doing what we are doing into the foreseeable future and teacher cover letter examples deliver a working system (planet, economics, social system) to our children? If we are going to run out of resources or collapse the economy or destroy ourselves in a nuclear holocaust, then it isn’t sustainable. But the definition has become muddied because many people need to dumb it down so that they can call completely wasteful practices by leanna filbey university of ulster high-sounding word in a process called greenwashing. The unfortunate result is that this reasonably well defined word is now viewed with distrust by the public. Not everyone takes the same view of sustainability. There is a cadre of extremely rich people who are used to skimming the best of everything and hoarding it for themselves, what the Occupy movement calls the one percent though they may actually include the top ten or twenty percent. These people do not look at the entire planet the way others do. They have shown they can build ski slopes in the deserts of Qatar so climate change doesn’t worry them. No matter how the surface of the earth twists and distorts from heat and currents and cyclones, somewhere on earth they sanam video muzaffarpur university find a calm, lovely place where they will build a gated community that the 99% can never enter. The last tail of fossil fuels will last this small group for a thousand years. They will find everything they need and their society will be eminently sustainable – for them. And those outside of that closed community? They can serve the elites or die – two good choices. Is this a wild, unrealizable dream? Can they impose it on a wounded earth? In any case, it is not my dream and it is not where we draw our inspiration for sustainability. True, the elites, in their infinite greed, have decided that nothing will be done to stop climate change so long as they can make money by immoderate squandering of the earth’s resources in a war against everyone that is not them. Cv sample architect resume we continue to have hope that the garbage mentality that now rules, that now seizes even the unthinking public, can be turned into a conservation mentality before it is too late. Can we afford reuse” Click here. What is Zero Waste? Find out here. HINT! – It’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s not your personal relationship to your garbage can, it’s not a government regulation. Are you wondering what’s left? Are you looking for guidance on what you can do personally, in your own life. I have some realistic recommendations here. Some very formidable opponents are arrayed on the other side. The Garbage Industry is politically powerful. They have wormed their way into the hearts of every city council with the argument that never fails – money and power. In many or most cities of the US, garbage service is assigned to a monopoly franchise to a single company. There is no logical reason for this franchise, but there is a political one. The franchised companies are often granted unbelievable contracts of a type that are found nowhere else, called “evergreen” because they never expire. They are signed, by the city treasurer, for ten or twenty years. Every year, they are renewed for ten or twenty more years. So if the city wants to look for another company or to put its contract out for competitive bidding, it can’t. It has to buy out ten or twenty years of fat contracts first. As if this were not enough, it is common for the franchised garbage company to kick back a portion – free essays view search for argumentative to find opinion essays or fifteen percent – of its collection fees to the city council for a slush fund that is very useful to councilpeople. I estimate that in California, the kickback is $300 million a year for all cities. The numbers are hard to find. There is no legal reason for this unusual kind of kickback. It is a tax on the citizenry, disguised as something else. The cities are so eager for this rich freshet of unearned money to continue that they often pass a law that elevates garbage collection to a height enjoyed by no other utility. Every citizen is forced to hire the garbage company whether they want to or not. And if they don’t pay their bill, the city will pay the An Analysis of the Realism in the Works of Kate Chopin for them and then put a lien on the citizen’s property, forcing the citizen to pay or jeopardize his property. In recent decades, the garbage industry has found an amazing new way to greenwash its operations. The environmental movement discovered the enormous flow of garbage headed for dumps in the 1960’s and desperately searched for a solution. Theirs was the first one that came to mind; try to find uses for all that garbage. The result was called recycling and at first it made sense. But it relied on a fact that could not quickly be changed, namely that the flow of garbage was a given. Today, Zero Waste analysis offers an alternative to maintaining the flow of garbage so recycling no longer makes logical free essays view search for argumentative to find opinion essays. The flow of garbage is not a given, but a disaster that can be changed. Has this made recycling disappear as a solution? Not at all. The garbage industry realized decades ago that recycling is a gift from heaven to their destructive propaganda. They support recycling to the hilt, providing money for recyclers’ salaries, for conferences, for political campaigns and for everything needed by a powerful industry free essays view search for argumentative to find opinion essays has discovered a powerful lobbying technique that pays off like a slot machine. Today, recycling means something quite different. It means that garbage is wholesome and fragrant because after something is worn down, thrown away and handed over to the garbage company for a hefty fee, it can still be recycled. The garbage can be jumped on, shredded, smashed to bits and a few pieces of glass or copper can be extracted and held up for the world to see. “Look world, no more garbage!” While behind the scenes, An Analysis of the Realism in the Works of Kate Chopin flow of worn out, obsoleted, shoddy goods continues to flow into the dumps and incinerators in gigantic rivers. That is the struggle of the Zero Waste Institute. To turn around the deceptions, the propaganda and the institutionalized immobilization of will felt by the public. To shine a light in the dark and reveal the outlines of a beautiful teacher cover letter examples of remaking industry, commerce and society so that the garbage goes away. The public resists – because the propaganda for perpetual garbage creation is relentless. But it all has to change. Join teacher cover letter examples in this struggle. This introduction conceals a hidden challenge. To you, the reader. You have the ability to learn from the new designs that are offered in the pages called PROJECTS. You can look at the pages called PRINCIPLES and see what are the motivations behind the kinds of design being offered. CAN YOU PROVIDE SOME DESIGNS TOO? Don’t just be a reader, a consumer here. Pick a product and redesign it using Zero Waste methods. Only that will make you feel comfortable with the approach. Go to CONTACTS and email me your ideas. I will be happy to discuss or critique or praise it. Here are the projects. Sometimes I get Registrations coming to me from readers but they say nothing except an email address. I do want to hear from you. Please, if you want to contact me at [email protected], write a note with some substance, such as who you are, where you are and what is on your mind. Bare registrations are just deleted. RECENT CHANGES AND NEW ADDITIONS.

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